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Ra one review

An impartial
Synopsis A game designer creates a set from which the evil step into reality and wreak havoc .. To defeat the villain, the hero of the game is set in the reality ... The spectacle is one of the points Ra.One 's weak ... The ladies of this film did a half-baked ... Shahana Goswami was poor, and Kareena trading below their potential [in fact I think that all you can do it!] ... The boy, Armaan Verma, has a very good job .. play the naughty child is often exaggerated by the actors, most children, but Armaan was great .. Tom Wu has done a good job and ... Arjun Rampal has done a good job, but I felt he did not much room to improve them .. Shahrukh was only average .............. Just Kidding ... SRK is as usual everything works on the film on his shoulders ... Once SRK is on the screen, he took command of the whole issue .. It is thriple a role in this film ... "Subramanium" is funny .. I do not care what other people thought, but I enjoyed his jokes and antics thorouly .. I saw shades of past price performance shown by Om Prakash Makhija SRK [W] & Surinder Suri [RNBDJ] .. but nothing bad. .. "G. A" is a bit stiff, but that it is of course a video game character is ... A G. excels particularly in action scenes .. "Lucifer" is a character played by SRK little at the beginning .. Even if it played in a higher way, his understandable based on the situation ... then Acting 3.5 / 5 [since the SRC, which basically makes the whole job] History World history has been accused, but .. has developed in light of the recent history of Bollywood, it's actually very good .. The origin of the art was done very quickly and if u miss some of his scenes, of course u can get confused .. But the heart of this film, it is not a drama or a romantic comedy or science fiction ... his .. An open mind is the first thing that needed to enjoy the movie, is ... History-3 / 5 Action This is the kind of capital Ra.One and completely fill .. Action junkies will certainly be satisfied .. The visual effects are consistent with all the action scenes, and we end up with the kind of action scenes that easily .. for a Hollywood film Action comedy-5.5 could be confused if u get the action scenes in this film, the film gives priority to the comic genre .. While Subramanium was a time of fun concocting jokes in the first half, it is difficult to compete with G. A-level in the second joke .. So we go back up comedians like Satish Shah, who did a fantastic job, but ... the problem is very risky type of jokes that grow mainly in the second half .. [Verify airport scene was very, very bad] .. You can even ask weather the movie PG-13 .. these are the jokes adults will surely enjoy comedy-3.5 / 5 Visual Effects Like I said, is the Ra.One reference to Indian cinema in this area for visual effects ... No film has ever had the outcome level Ra.One that with the exception of Endhiran / Robot ... The quality of the graphics are wonderful .. The scene, in G. An initial meeting is Ra.One [cars blasting through the air] amazing ... Visual Effects-5 + / 5 Music Vishal-Shekhar have an incredible job in the Department of Music .. the music video "Right By Your Side", "Chammak Challo," "Criminal," "Raftaarein" were all ready to switch ... The video / installation 'Naina Bhar "was partly annoying, but the song is one of the best ... "Dildaara" is the theme of the film, and used his right hand .. Music Picturisation-4.5 / 5 Cameos Priyanka is just OK --- 2.5 / 5 Sanjay Dutt is good --- 3 / 5, but the presence of Rajinikanth will send goose bumps, too bad it's only a 5 minutes --- / 5 Ra.One Sens is a well made film, has improved significantly Anubhav ... Although some scenes could have been omitted or shortened [2,4 scenes] ... The movie runs at breakneck speed, but if these scenes the slow, bored its possible u 1 minute ... Edit a little more could have been made .. Sens-3.5 / 5 film Ra.One Ra.One like a movie is high on visuals and a benchmark for Indian graphics.Its Cinema.Comparisons with Hollywood are inevitable, but these should be ignored because they are simply unfounded .. . Ra. It brought a new era for Bollywood, enjoy it, because they were just doing very few .. RA.One---8/10

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