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G One power SRK'S RA.One earns Rs 170 crore at BOXOFFICE

 Ra.One Shah Rukh Khan technolgical leader, one of the most expensive film in India, has recovered its costs RS 170 crore by winning the world in the opening weekend. The superstar is inviting its trading partners on the success of box office superheroes.

Eros International Media Ltd (Eros International) released a report stating that the film won a record collection opening - the eagerly awaited Diwali collected Rs 137.25 crore (RS 96 crore net inflows) in India and Rs 32.75 crore and foreign countries.

Apart from Shah Rukh Khan had the rights for Rs 37 crore satellite, human music sold at Rs 8 crore and related rights for Rs 10 crore even before the film hit the screens.

"As always, my heart does not crunch numbers and the heroes do not count the zeros ... but it's nice to know how Ra.One flies," he tweeted back.

"Ga Ga ... Ooh La La Ra Ra Ra.One. Enchanted Response. Congratulations to my business partner."

Done at a budget of Rs 150 crore, the film opens is best described in terms of technology, in over 4000 screens and much more in the world - over 3100 screens 904 prints in India and internationally, including 3D has become the largest Hindi Large market in the South.

"Ra.One released from across the country on the day of Diwali, sold, and has already created history by taking over the mantle of the biggest domestic revenue so far. The film is transferred to his record company with several new developments since its publication. It is the largest collection in the various circuits such as Mumbai, Delhi, Punjab and Rajasthan affected, "Nandu Ahuja, senior vice president, sales, Eros International Media Ltd., said in a statement.

"We see repeated viewings of the film with 3-D version is also sought. The oath also next week, and no other major theatrical release, we expect the movie so much going forward," he added.

Commenting on the performance of the film abroad, said Pranab Kapadia, President, Distribution, Eros International,: was "The film is a great race in all major regions, including Britain, North America, Europe, Australia and the Middle East Overseas, broke the film a . SRK's previous record established in the first weekend of My Name Is Khan and assumes the position of India's biggest first weekend Grosser also abroad. "

Eros plans to take the film non-traditional markets - Ra.One is for theatrical release in the first quarter of 2012 in several areas, including South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Russia, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and Palestine planned, Brazil , Spain, Italy and Greece.

Directed by Anubhav Sinha, Ra.One saw King Khan, as G. A with Arjun Rampal and Kareena Kapoor as Ra.One.

Although critics do not give him the thumbs up, visual effects, film and art production techniques, a new standard in the Indian film industry have set.

Aishwarya Rai On top of the world at38

Mumbai, 30 October - Tuesday, 4 November will, in turn, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan 38th And possibly this week, it will become a mother. It seems that every adult today ... Or maybe not! Five minutes and that laugh of girl tingling available. And I'm back for 1996 and our first interview ... Just days before the marathon phone, brandy-eyed beauty with jewels, adorned Brida was fully equipped, in front of hundreds of camera flashes appear at the Hotel Leela Kempinski. It was composed in graceful dance to the sounds of a classical piece by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan influenced ... Aur Pyar Ho Gaya!

It was a fortunate coincidence that the title of her first Bollywood film, co-starring Bobby Deol and directed by Rahul Rawail, reflect the sentiments of many across the country ... And all over the world. However, the success is not easy, the most beautiful girl in the world.

When Aishwarya was almost the title in the Miss India Sushmita Sen lost little known there was a collective sigh of disappointment. She had no expectations of the masses or the media gathered ... But Sushmita had when they the most popular coveted crown of Miss Universe international competition, although it is too large, too thin and "desi" snap went. Ash survived the dark frowning and shaking his first flop, went home another crown by taking impressive world.

And courting the merchants of dreams back, both the beauty queens with his dream debut. Sushmita has chosen Dastak, a story of Mahesh Bhatt directed the fatal obsession ... Ash, a Tamil film co-starring Mohanlal, Goutham, Revathy and Tabu. Since then, it was not Mani Ratnam on, then a few were impressed with Iruvar. But Ash was ecstatic.

They filmed a commercial for Pepsi in Chennai, Mumbai, Mani opened in theaters. Given all the controversy surrounding it, it does not mean that they would be able to see the film in Mumbai and so slipped into a theater to its Tamil version to catch. And left deeply moved she had known since the riots first hand. Spontaneously, she had the photo of Rajiv Menon film called, she had known since their modeling days.

After congratulating him, she had flown Mani. He had come to Hyderabad and not talk to him. She returned to Mumbai did not expect to hear from him. And was stunned when he called him a film, Iruvar. "Even before I became Miss India had been flooded with roles. But to have the time, and modeling studies have been more than enough. At the end of '95, I began to regard the film as a career. Call Mani sealed my decision "she said, stressing that despite all the hype and hysteria surrounding the introduction of Bollywood, she had pulled from his first film with director Mani fire a month ago.

There was a time when an architecture student, Aishwarya had dreamed of building homes. These dreams have been killed after she was crowned Miss World. "I knew it would not be possible to be a normal student, for me," she sighed. It was not so terrible to be a star, I replied, wondering how it felt. on the roof of the world and Aishwarya laugh sounded typical: "I do not know, I'm still climbing." In these 15 years of ash climbed many mountains, and touched many heights. But somehow I know it only when she weighs her bundle of joy, that they really feel on top of the world. I am sound of his laughter still waiting!

Salmankhan Dabangg 2 tracks ready

 Mumbai, 31 October - If you thought the director was the captain of the ship for a movie, this is not the case, Salman Khan Rigid. The 2010 film actors, Dabangg, continues to be one of the biggest hits of all time, by his own abilities and this time for his continued by his followers, Salman is not releasing the brake.

Music composer duo Sajid-Wajid-admit that they are willing to come with five tracks for Dabangg 2, but expect that the final approval of Salman. "We have composed five songs and made the original song with Arbaaz bhai sat all my songs were selected and five. We expect only the green signal to Salman bhai," said Sajid.

For Sajid, is a great advantage if the actors star as Salman involved with a project. "Salman bhai is so experienced. It includes the crowd, their tastes and chooses songs accordingly. He puts his 200 percent by the result," he said.

The music director admits that the composition of the music after a blockbuster whose soundtrack has become a fixture on the airwaves of radio, can be a challenge. "Dabangg was such a success with great songs, the music lived up to the Dabangg 2 and doubled the risk of the deal," said Sajid added: "We have decided brothers (composer Wajid), to give more to give our best, we know. that people expect much from us this time too. "

Like the original, Arbaaz Khan will produce a result. But this time, the actor who played a key role in Dabangg, also assume the director's chair for the first-timer Abhinav Kashyap. "The script was very good. Arbaaz bhai tells how the sequences, I feel that it is not under pressure at all, and he seems like a good grip on Dabangg 2 are complete," he said. Arbaaz Khan recently threw villain Prakash Raj as a villain in the south Dabangg Sonakshi Sinha 2 and continues as a leading actress.

SHARUKH hit, Aamir sick!

NEW DELHI, 31 October - First, Sher lock Holmes insists that Aamir Khan was suddenly taken ill. Apparently, the actor and producer has spent his afternoon and evening of Diwali, to try to understand what the numbers have been opening Ra.One Shah Rukh Khan.

It is used for making endless phone calls from many trade wallas, on an hourly basis and asks for reports on Ra.One known. Finally, when he found that the numbers are much better than he had planned in his head, he suddenly fell ill. His feet were cold, fever, and his meetings with producers, actors and technicians. And a few days ago there was not a tribute to SRK and enjoy good Ra.One?

Mayank Shekhar's review:

Director: Anubhav Sinha
Cast: Shah Rukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor
Note: **

Prior to adequately warn children against all try waterfalls, while the outstanding hero and at right angles to a moving train.
Background score is 70 RD Burman imitation. Brown walls of the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus begin to majestic finally crack the statue of Queen Victoria falls together, while the train is running at full speed, not the brakes pushes the head CST line moves out of the station on the main roads.

Round your lips curl tongue whistle loudly. Finally, the heroine falls from the sky as the hero holds in her arms. This is the climax scene of the movie. It is new because of the important local Mumbai. Hollywood disaster movies are generally, as well as overseas. You have to applaud. Unless you are not sure what the point if you know their destination. You know not only interested in weaving this amazing sequence into a coherent story really for you.

The G. A super hero, to date, or after, there was not enough to save the world. Neither was the villain, Ra.One, they are destroying. Two reasons are clearly blurred or too hot match, trivial to your level.

Oddly for a film that is entitled, after the villain, he has a special shape, but no particular face or body. More on the lines of Terminator 2, he takes the body of a man wandering. This weakens Ra.One completely. The guy was a Chinese, a little, even Kareena Kapoor, and some important parts of the climate, Arjun Rampal. G. One particularly Shah Rukh Khan. SRC. Make no mistake. The onions in the heart suggest that these armored suits, all descendants from Iron Man. But all that comes later, after perhaps half of the movie is completed.

For the most part, does not seem to be a superhero movie at all this. This is more of a slurry odd, please all Bollywood romance loosely cutesy kind of comedy Sasta Salman, SRK narcissistic pcs. Die-hard fans of all three species are likely to be disappointed.

Neither here nor there, everything seems so obvious and built in every way you can search through the Son, instead of melting into the experience. It may be necessary if you do not play the version of this film, 2 to Playstation Connect with video game characters are just now, is the illusion under your control. Requires more movies. You are the value of your penny, only if the penny drop.

Old-timer Rakesh Roshan has a gift for simplicity. With Krrish (2006), he had a sincere actor, and a plot line - "Ka Baap Badl" I think it is complicated by the attempt. He could see it through successfully. Robot Shankar played it straight - the sci-fi cloning machine the world of people take over - like Rajnikanth in the film of that name (oh, it was the opposite).

It is a film from the director of Dus, Tathastu, cash. Western traditions are unique. So the most important scene of the film: London, I suppose. It was converted to 3D as well. I saw him in his two-dimensional glory. Bad by Michael Jackson poster on the wall shows that we are in about 1985th Grain to confirm the path to the big screen to the suspicion. A game programmer laboriously developed southern India Shekhar Subramaniam (Shah Rukh, as expected, not convincing), a deadly game for his son, where the villain is stronger than the superheroes. The evil grows rather a life of its own, on the developer's son, who played against him last take.

Heroes who save the earth between the people. Nobody in the world is surprised, or even aware of. The boy's father died, his colleague, the car collided. Owners of the game is busy selling the same software, as nothing happened. The only thing the writers on the way are affected, in which the safety of G. We will move on to the flight of a Frikin. "

What you may think that really is a G.. This so-called apathetic, part-time game of superheroes in costume, casual clothes, the human skin is anything but the fact cry: smiles, hugs, quotes from the Bhagavad Gita, shakes his pelvis "You will be my Chamak Chalo be." His hostess nonchalantly (Kareena Kapoor), a grieving widow, she was quite good, it's like any other day for them.

It includes people flocked to the cinemas for this! You must, for two main reasons: SRK, and special effects. No surprises, they are both there for good measure. Full marks for effort. But you already knew. A year of relentless push, beat expectations and results inevitably in deaf whatever the evidence. You want to figure if it's worth the fuss was.

Watch the film. Agitation was necessary! The producers are planning a franchise obviously with the last scene. That, I fear that perhaps G. One with the wind. But then you never know, right? Seriously.

SRK's RA.One beats Salman's Bodyguard

They relieve each of his overdose promotion is Ra.One Shah Rukh Khan finally in theaters Wednesday, 26 Published in October. On opening day, the movie net at Rs 18.5 cr. Thursday, earned the director Anubhav Sinha Rs 25.10 cr net. The collection of two days together (Rs 43.6 CR) of the bodyguard, apart from many other Diwali releases, met at the box office this weekend in their respective opening.

But the first day collections of independently managed, the record for the Eid Salman Khan set to pause RS 21 CR release in the first 24 hours. Two days Bodyguard collection was Rs 39 cr The first day of Diwali collections recent releases like Om Shanti Om (2007), Golmaal Returns (2008) and Golmaal 3 (2010) were Rs 6 cr, Rs 5.75 and RS 9 cr cr or.

Sinha, however, currently on the last leg of his promotional tour internationally with Khan in Los Angeles, is satisfied. "We expect that low on Diwali, because few people were great in their homes, but the numbers.", He said, adding:. "The response has been encouraging everywhere from tomorrow I'll put in the fridge for a week then be we consider what to do next .. too early to talk of a sequel. "

Sinha, who made ​​his directorial debut with Tum Bin in 2009, is now feeling even more ambitious. "I could be more superhero movies or creature. My dream is to create a large school of visual effects in India. I want an ILM (Industrial Light & Magic) to create film like George Lucas." Ra.One that Arjun Rampal and Kareena Kapoor for a budget of Rs 150 cr has been featured said.

LOOT movie(Nov 4 2011)

The LOOT is upcoming Hindi film starring Govinda, MIMOHE Chakraborty, Hansik Motwani, Shweta Bhardwaj, Javed Jaffrey and directed. The release date of the prey is Friday, 4 November, 2011.

Starring: Govinda, MIMOHE Chakraborty, Hansik Motwani, Shweta Bhardwaj, Javed Jaffrey more ...
Language: Hindi
Genre: Comedy / General.
Banner: Popcorn Motion Pictures, Balaji Motion Pictures
Release date: Friday, 4 November, 2011

Cast and Crew 
Govinda ...
MIMOHE Chakraborty ...
Hansik Motwani ...
Shweta Bhardwaj ...
Javed Jaffrey ...
Rakhi Sawant ...
Rajneesh Thakur ... Director
Sunil Shetty ... Producer
Remo Fernandes ... Choreography
Nadeem Khan ... Choreography


01 - Ajab Hulchul Si - Kunal Ganjawala, Shaan, K K, Vasundhara Das, Pinky

02 - Ek Pata Ya Do Pata Ke - Kunal Ganjawala

03 - Jawani Ki Bank Loot Le - Mamta Sharma

04 - Loot Loot - Shravan Sinha

05 - Saari Duniya Mere Ispe - Mika Singh


Video - Song Rakhi Sawant new element "Jawani Ki prey The Bank '

The return of the daughter product! Rakhi Sawant looking hot, smokin ', as they circle up Jawani Ki loot loot the bank the next film. And guess who takes over the microphone to Rakhi? There is no other than the famous singer Munni Badnaam Hui Mamta Sharma.

Loot lo! It was during the filming of the song in Rakhi Sawant says she is "Chammak Challo" and not Kareena Kapoor. Blatantly talks about the song they Jawani Ki Loot item bank 'Booty' of the film, and some controversial statements against the actresses of Bollywood Shahrukh Khan.

Rakhi says she came to the industry to be a girl, but the point is very angry with actresses who are part of the song. Commenting on the song says, Rakhi is a track where all the heroes come to see them dance and get robbed by him. Rakhi has shown dancing in the beautiful song, and is thrilled to be part of it. The song also features Govinda and Sunil Shetty with Javed Jaffrey and MIMOHE Chakraborty.

Take a look at Rakhi Sawant does what she does best - Dirty Dancing!

Revealed - the struggle of a sexy gal of glory!

Dancing on stage in revealing clothes, eventually landing roles in Bollywood, Shweta Bhardwaj fought his way to where it is today through hard work and determination.

Imagine borrowing for the production of your portfolio. Or imagine on stage, during a tour of one month and not pay for them over. This and more has passed Shweta Bhardwaj and overcome.

For those who are scratching their heads and wonder who on earth is Shweta, well, she is the girl who made her debut in a brief role in Istanbul, Turkey super mission. Or you may have seen in advertisements for Nivea cream or Videocon and Tata Indica.

Shweta from Delhi. Born, a mother and teacher father an engineer, Shweta started at odd jobs at a very young age. It would be next to cars at auto shows and never tiring journeys in call centers. In college, she would often bunk classes to work with some fashion designers ACE.

She received her first big danger of entering showbiz, if an offer on the stage for a musical journey that people like Kashmira Shah and Shibani Kashyap was featured dancing. Shweta deliver oil, but in the end is dead in debt by the end of the tour, the organizer of the show and has not been paid.

Once bitten, Shweta decided on the right course to take. She received her portfolio to Rs 40,000. Since they had no money to pay, they took the credit. Also, she moved to Mumbai and began to stay with one of her friends. Within a few months began offering casting and modeled them for a few ads.

Sunil Shetty, the Bollywood actor and producer noticed it in one of his ads and signed for three films with his production company Popcorn Entertainment.

His first film "Mission Istanbul was a disaster at the box office, but hopes his prey Shweta second film is not much better. She is also a Kannada movie called" Hollywood Tollywood. "

But the real plum projects in her kitty is a French film in which she plays a character who knows 60 languages. Apart from this, Shweta says she a big budget film in Hindi, signed in the coming days.

Guess all the hard work has paid off again!

Sunil Shetty is a "loser" of the MIMOHE

Actor and producer Sunil Shetty goaded the chubby son of Mithun Chakraborty, to lose weight for her film.

MIMOHE plays an important role in the production of Loot Shetty, is an action-packed thriller. However, Shetty was not happy with broad shoulders MIMOHE looks strong. MIMOHE course has a great body-frame inherited from his mother an actress Yogita Bali.

While shooting in Bangkok, Shetty MIMOHE under his wing. Having experience in bodybuilding and weight loss had led Shetty MIMOHE become too lean.

Shetty told him to follow a strict diet low in fat, and recommended him to a training program that helped to MIMOHE trim the extra fat in a few weeks ago.

MIMOHE now becoming thinner and thinner. He decided to keep the physical for all future films. But in his first film Jimmy, which is already shot, seeing as MIMOHE beefy former self.

Sunil Shetty, joked MIMOHE will act to half of the fee "Loot" cut in return for his leadership MIMOHE fit. The newcomer grateful that he does not mind if Shetty pay a cent.


Ra one review

An impartial
Synopsis A game designer creates a set from which the evil step into reality and wreak havoc .. To defeat the villain, the hero of the game is set in the reality ... The spectacle is one of the points Ra.One 's weak ... The ladies of this film did a half-baked ... Shahana Goswami was poor, and Kareena trading below their potential [in fact I think that all you can do it!] ... The boy, Armaan Verma, has a very good job .. play the naughty child is often exaggerated by the actors, most children, but Armaan was great .. Tom Wu has done a good job and ... Arjun Rampal has done a good job, but I felt he did not much room to improve them .. Shahrukh was only average .............. Just Kidding ... SRK is as usual everything works on the film on his shoulders ... Once SRK is on the screen, he took command of the whole issue .. It is thriple a role in this film ... "Subramanium" is funny .. I do not care what other people thought, but I enjoyed his jokes and antics thorouly .. I saw shades of past price performance shown by Om Prakash Makhija SRK [W] & Surinder Suri [RNBDJ] .. but nothing bad. .. "G. A" is a bit stiff, but that it is of course a video game character is ... A G. excels particularly in action scenes .. "Lucifer" is a character played by SRK little at the beginning .. Even if it played in a higher way, his understandable based on the situation ... then Acting 3.5 / 5 [since the SRC, which basically makes the whole job] History World history has been accused, but .. has developed in light of the recent history of Bollywood, it's actually very good .. The origin of the art was done very quickly and if u miss some of his scenes, of course u can get confused .. But the heart of this film, it is not a drama or a romantic comedy or science fiction ... his .. An open mind is the first thing that needed to enjoy the movie, is ... History-3 / 5 Action This is the kind of capital Ra.One and completely fill .. Action junkies will certainly be satisfied .. The visual effects are consistent with all the action scenes, and we end up with the kind of action scenes that easily .. for a Hollywood film Action comedy-5.5 could be confused if u get the action scenes in this film, the film gives priority to the comic genre .. While Subramanium was a time of fun concocting jokes in the first half, it is difficult to compete with G. A-level in the second joke .. So we go back up comedians like Satish Shah, who did a fantastic job, but ... the problem is very risky type of jokes that grow mainly in the second half .. [Verify airport scene was very, very bad] .. You can even ask weather the movie PG-13 .. these are the jokes adults will surely enjoy comedy-3.5 / 5 Visual Effects Like I said, is the Ra.One reference to Indian cinema in this area for visual effects ... No film has ever had the outcome level Ra.One that with the exception of Endhiran / Robot ... The quality of the graphics are wonderful .. The scene, in G. An initial meeting is Ra.One [cars blasting through the air] amazing ... Visual Effects-5 + / 5 Music Vishal-Shekhar have an incredible job in the Department of Music .. the music video "Right By Your Side", "Chammak Challo," "Criminal," "Raftaarein" were all ready to switch ... The video / installation 'Naina Bhar "was partly annoying, but the song is one of the best ... "Dildaara" is the theme of the film, and used his right hand .. Music Picturisation-4.5 / 5 Cameos Priyanka is just OK --- 2.5 / 5 Sanjay Dutt is good --- 3 / 5, but the presence of Rajinikanth will send goose bumps, too bad it's only a 5 minutes --- / 5 Ra.One Sens is a well made film, has improved significantly Anubhav ... Although some scenes could have been omitted or shortened [2,4 scenes] ... The movie runs at breakneck speed, but if these scenes the slow, bored its possible u 1 minute ... Edit a little more could have been made .. Sens-3.5 / 5 film Ra.One Ra.One like a movie is high on visuals and a benchmark for Indian graphics.Its Cinema.Comparisons with Hollywood are inevitable, but these should be ignored because they are simply unfounded .. . Ra. It brought a new era for Bollywood, enjoy it, because they were just doing very few .. RA.One---8/10

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