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Akon to feature in Ra One

SRK’s world tour with akon
Shahrukh khan is planning to take a world tour with american entertainer Akon.The tour will start in September.Kareena kapoor the co-star of Shahrukh in the movie Ra-one might also along with him in the world tour.
Akon, who has sang a sound track named chammak challo for the movie will sing the same song in the tour and kareena kapoor will perform on the song.
The date of departure of SRK is almost fixed but the main problem is SRK’s knee injury.If SRK gets operated in July and recovers in time then the The world tour will be on time.Lets see what happens?

Shah Rukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor With Akon
You may wonder why Shahrukh Khan is doing a Superhero Film at this age but King Khan has a reason. He has done lots of films in the past for his fans, but this time, SRK is doing for his kids.

Bollywood King Shahrukh Khan said at the press conference organised to welcome the internationalR&B singer Akon that he is doing the Superherofilm Ra.1 for his children. Going deeper into the film, he added that there is a good guy, bad guy, beautiful girl, wonderful singer and a fantastic director. He went on to say that his character called Jeeva could solidify electricity.

Shahrukh Khan revealed that Ra.1 is a kind of film that his production house Red chillieshave not tried. He added that it is something new to all crew of the film and would give their best shot to make sure that it succeed at the boxoffice

SRK is going to act with Kareena Kapoor in the film and Anubhav Sinha is directing it. International R&B singer Akon will record a number for the film.

Shahrukh Marries Kareena to Akon


Shahrukh Khan, Akon and Kareena Kapoor

Shahrukh Khan married pop singer Akon to Kareena Kapoor at an event in his honor.  
Off late, Shahrukh has been known to crack some cheap jokes. Recently, while writing on a social networking site, Shahruk commented, “I asked my friends whether I cracked some cheap jokes at the recently concluded Filfare award function. When they said Yes, I told them that in the times of economic recession, how could I afford costly jokes.”
Though Filmfare event is long over, Shahrukh’s cheap jokes don’t seem to end. Here’s another one of them.
In an event organized in the honor of the pop singer Akon, who is in Mumbai to record a few songs for Shahrukh Khan’s movie Ra 1, Shahrukh married him off to Bollywood lead female star Kareena Kapoor.
The incident happened at the beginning of the party, when Shahrukh and Akon came there.
As Kareena, who had been assigned the duty to put a Tikka on his forehead and garland both Akon and Shahrukh when they entered the party undertook the duty assigned to her, Shahrukh remarked, “In India, when a girl garlands a boy, it is supposed that they have got married. Now, all three of us are married.”
Among others the event was attended by Uday ChopraHrithik Roshan , Priyanka Chopra, Abhay Doel, Kangana Ranaut , Karan Johar, Arjun Rampal Dino Morea , Fardeen Khan amoung others.
Reports suggest that though it was planned that Akon will be welcomed at this event in the traditional Indian way, the pop star looked very confused when he was garlanded and a Tikka was put on his forehead. It was right then that Shahrukh cracked this joke and married Karina off to Akon to put on a smile on the face of everyone present.
Meanwhile Shahrukh has clarified that Akon is in Mumbai to sing only for the film Ra 1 and right now, they haven’t discussed any other proposal to work together. Shahrukh also dismissed the reports that there were any plans for the pop singer to record a song for his IPL cricket team Kolkata Knight Riders, though he would not mind if that actually happens.

Akon Hopeful of Shahrukh’s Help


Shahrukh Khan, Akon and Kreena Kapoor

Akon is hopeful that Shahrukh Khan will help him in Hatti relief work.
Pop star Akon, who is in Mumbai to record songs for Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan’s upcoming movie Ra 1, is hopeful that the latter will help him in relief work in Haiti.
Expressing his desire that Shahrukh lends a hand in Haiti relief work, Akon said, “I definitely plan to talk to Shahrukh and see what we can do to raise aid for those, who need help in these difficult times. Its not only Shahrukh but the plan is to get as many people involved as possible.”
Akon added, "There is so much more that can be done and needs to be done for people over there. I visited Haiti a few days back and it was a moving experience. I think it’s not something that’s restricted only to one particular part of the world, but a global situation that needs to be addressed."
With the kind of welcome Shahrukh has given to the pop star, it is most likely that if Akon is hopeful of seeking his help in Hatti relief work, Akon won’t be disappointed.

Akon to feature in Ra One



American Pop singer Akon will feature in Shahrukh Khan’s film Ra One.
It seems the makers of Shahrukh Khan starrer RA One are leaving no stone unturned to make this ambitious project a success. If sources are to be believed, they have now signed the pop singer Akon to sing for the film.
Pop singers from other countries working and singing for a Bollywood movie is nothing new since this has happened more than once in last couple of years. Snoop Dogg in Singh Is Kinng and Kylie Minogueperforming a song in Blue are some of the more recent examples where singers from the west made an appearance in a Bollywood movie. Yet, Akon singing for Shahrukh’s movie Ra 1 is really special and means a lot. Akon has become a sensation in the world of music these days after he became one of the last persons to have worked with the king of Pop Michael Jackson before his death last year. Bollywood fans will be thrilled to hear the international pop sensation perform in a Bollywood movie.
What makes Akon’s entry into Bollywood even more special is that he will be a part of Ra1, the most ambitious project of Shahrukh where he will feature as a superhero on the silver screen for the first time.
Though, it is still not known how big Akon’s debut in Bollywood screen would be, the makers of Ra 1 have clearly said that Akon will not only sing but also make an on screen appearance in the film.
Akon featuring in a Shahrukh movie Ra One is something really special. Hopefully, he will justify his entry in Bollywood and will not be wasted like Kylie Minogue in Blue.


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