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Aishwarya Rai Bachchan gives birth to baby girl

Bollywood star and former Miss World Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has given birth to a baby girl, her husband Abhishek announced on Wednesday. ....
Bollywood star and former Miss World Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has given birth to a baby girl, her husband Abhishek announced on Wednesday. ..

The moment has finally arrived! Bachchan bahu Aishwarya Rai has given birth to a baby girl at Seven Hills Hospital. The Bachchan clan was eagerly waiting for the new arrival.

Grandfather Amitabh Bachchan tweeted at 10 am on November 16: "I AM DADA to the cutest baby girl!!"

Aishwarya was admitted to the seven star hospital on Tuesday morning. Amitabh Bachchan had posted on his Twitter account, "A day of expectation .. but another day ! The Lord has his ways and they are most special .. we wait !!"

Aishwarya had also paid visit to the Seven Hills Hospital for a check-up on Saturday night as well as Sunday evening, according to the sources.

"The family gathers together from all over as we wait for the 'arrival' .. Greatest joy for me - a full house and the chahel - pahel", said a tweet from Aishwarya's father-in-law.

Congratulatory messages from across the world are pouring in for mom Ash.

Bollywood tweets 

Shobhaa De Little Miss World has arrived! Jai ho!Big B over the moon about Baby B.Someone sign up Ash as Ambassador for Girl Child, please?Worthy cause 

Anupam Kher CONGRATULATIONS @juniorbachchan and Ash. So so Happy. May the new arrival in the family bring more happiness, joy and peace. Love.:) 

Javed Akhtar @SrBachchan. Congratulations Amitabh ji, this has evoked my memory of the day when Shweta was born. Time flies and how swiftly !! 

Rohan Sippy@juniorbachchan congratulations- awesome news!!! 

Boman Irani @SrBachchan Dadaji!!!!!! All of us here are delirious with joy! Bless you all! @juniorbachchan OHHHH MAAAARAAAAA BAAAAAAP!!!!! Overjoyed my darlings!!!!!! 

Aman Yatan Verma @SrBachchan congrats sir..... Even more progress, prosperity and peace to u and your family.......:-) 

Shreya Ghoshal "@SrBachchan: T 561 - I AM DADA to the cutest baby girl !!" awww! Congratulations:):):) When can we see her ! Do post a picture. 

Karan Johar Congratulations!! Baby B had a baby girl!! @juniorbachchan!!! All the love and sure she will be the prettiest girl ever!!! 

Kamaal R Khan - KRK @juniorbachchan bro congratulations. I already told you long back tat you will get daughter. Your best time start today. 

Genelia D'souza @SrBachchan congrats sir, I'm sure Jayaji n u r thrilled,, so so happy n lots n lots of love 

Celina Jaitly Congratulations :) "@juniorbachchan: IT'S A GIRL!!!!!! :-)))))" Congratulations to u, jayaji aishwarya and proud daddy abhisheik and nani n nana :) @SrBachchan: T 561 - A dada ji ... Ecstatic !!!!" 

Bipasha Basu OMG! So excited Baby B is Daddy to a lil Angel! Congrats Ash n @juniorbachchan n to d entire family!Welcome sweet baby girl:) 

Chetan Bhagat Congrats @juniorbachchan for the baby girl!

Rockstar full review...rating 4/5

 After all the hype, and hype, which occurred around Diwali for Ra.One and hysteria to settle early, there was a movie that slowly and surely still intact since the audience and is more a reason.

ROCK STAR today on the 11/11/11 was in many respects a highly anticipated movie, because I am totally sold on the idea, Rock Star Devdas meets his first insights.

Few things balanced right, its very Ranbir Kapoor seemed, was a good choice for the initiative, as it's qualities to be vulnerable and a greater presence among his contemporaries screen comparisons. Young people connect to it and was about a topic like this makes its presence or breaks it.

Imtiaz Ali is a talented filmmaker, and we can see in previous versions (Socha Na Tha, Jab We Met, Love Aaj Kal), the control over the characters and their phases of expansion and low emotional is a feat achieved only a few Now, the sensitivity and sensibility.

And last but not least, the biggest factor, rock star and all the way up to the point where he missed a Tin Tin was given to the pure musical genius AR Rahman. After a long time I have ventured to a multiplex, only to his music on the big screen, the last to have taken place only if TAAL (1999) seem to hear.

So all those who have been waiting for is rock star of the film this year, no doubt, and he cut me to the director as the best in Hindi cinema back to the year 2011. It is a journey, when emotions reach their climax when the character is developed from the level of devastation.

Janardhan Jakkar (Ranbir Kapoor) is a Jat family, Pitampura, New Delhi with a reputation for not born in his family. His passion for music and strum guitar has a goal to be famous, but always on the receiving end among the people and friends. His mentor (Kumud Mishra, Amazing) with his understanding of life, he suggests that the creation of good soul music, and we have to go through all the pain of life and in this case, it tries to be close to army Kaul (Nargis Fakhri ).

After some initial hesitation and ridicule they become good friends and every moment of fun and excitement of being together with JJ even went to Kashmir and to participate in the wedding, after which they fly to Prague. She gives him the name of Jordan in giving his introduction to the people around and not through their special relationship, the warmth to come in time to be inseparable.

Having thrown out of the house, he finds refuge in dargah, that a vagabond and connects with his inner self. Fame came to him with the recommendation of the famous Shehnai player (Shammi Kapoor) for some recording contracts, but the gap remains as an artist, not the can into the trap of Commerce will be limited.

Once it during a European tour, which is acquired through the sale of a music mogul (Piyush Mishra, effective), to prepare for a journey of love in Jordan to meet the army, which was derived from bone marrow suffering, but they do in their spare time with the touch of love and passion and some steamy chemistry. His days are limited, but healing power of love is so extraordinary, as it meets to be rich and fine.

By a misunderstanding, and Jordan will be paid as criminals and deported to India, the change in a man of anger, fear and a tortured soul with pain and turmoil, Jordan is the bad boy of music, and then his relationship with the media and the amount .

His detached attitude and a vagabond with a soul of a bird, Jordan creates music and words to express themselves form a hideous scene of destruction.

Rock Star is a very difficult film to do, and if it is the character, but Imtiaz Ali, while today a personal touch and intimacy that is rarely found in movies. It has its contradictions and is not a perfect film, but there is much sincerity in his approach, Aarti Bajaj's editing of the film back and forth really helped. Note the introduction of Jordan to a live audience by Janardhan is singing "Jo bhi kehna chahoon important." Anil Mehta camera moves in close collaboration with the main character in his way to Jordan as Janardhan with great optics and visual language, and the crowd scenes were shot with great aplomb.

Music is the backbone of the film and AR Rahman just proves why he was chosen to express such a complex history of Jordan to be associated. It takes a tremendous effort by him to plunge us into the story and Imtiaz uses his creations to the correct setting.

The support team of Aditi Rao Hydari as a journalist for the life of Jordan and Shernaz Patel are competent. Was very encouraging to see the end of Shammi Kapoor in his last act as a player and transmits heat much Shehnai simply by his presence on the screen. The dichotomy of Fame Jugalbandi is a treat for music lovers on the screen.

Nargis Fakhri is not a weak link in an otherwise perfect casting choice, but is still a new face brings a certain freshness in this project. A scene where she works for a hug, and his pale patient is imaginative and haunting a beautiful moment.

Ranbir Kapoor gives a harrowing performance as Janardhan / Jordan, which are discussed in the next few years and he has to Imtiaz for writing a character who transforms through different emotions right through to completion to thank. He keeps the film on its own as a true rock star ask us forever and never make us believe, is a star when it came into force.

Madness and moments are too rare in movies where they do not ask about each one. Rockstar has a heart, where love knows no boundaries, where good or bad it does not matter, love the wildness of some bring in you and if you have never reached such a height superior, not twice. Go ahead.

Shakira in Delhi next?

India has become a hot spot for international celebrities from the end. Reported MI after pop sensation Lady Gaga, who recently performed at the Formula One after party in the country, now Latin singer Shakira is expected to shake her belly during a ceremony at the DLF Golf Club Gurgaon next week

"They will perform in the gala week, to mark the anniversary of KP Singh, chairman, DLF group to celebrate. Shakira is here 14 November. The festivities begin at Jaipur with a performance by Adnan Sami. Singh is also a book published by him on the Promenade Mall DLF wrote, "a source told the tabloid.

The Colombian singer has gained popularity around the world after the World Cup 2010 official theme song Waka Waka.

Learn more about the singer

She dove into the music scene in Colombia and Latin America in the 1990s. The Latin American sensation to write the songs at the age of eight and began to learn English by studying the works of people like Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and Walt Whitman, has over 60 million album. She also worked with artists like Beyonce and Alejandro Sanz.


after lady gaga shakira coming to india 

'Rockstar' starts well at plexes, lesser at single screens

As expected, Rockstar has taken a strong start to the multiplex almost all major centers. In some places, the opening was almost 100%, while the number of opening several stations in 70% to 80% size. In fact, the strong opening is not surprising, because the film boasts Imtiaz Ali - Ranbir Kapoor - AR Rahman combo. However, the response to a single screen is not strong, with several opening screens are from 40% to 50%.

ROCK STAR is impressive figures on the gross-Day 1 with the contribution of the complexes to be expected. However, figures contradict weekend, where the film takes place by word of mouth is very mixed.

SRK: 'Arjun always knew it'

Mumbai, 8th November - are widespread reports that actor and producer Shah Rukh Khan's chiseled villain Ra.One size, literally. SRK, who was also involved with the publication in the ability of manufacturers, crafted villain Arjun Rampal's 20 minutes of a longer screen.

Arjun had lost a few pounds, designed to give the body made of rubber for Ra.One, and also got a tattoo ink with the body from head to toe for his character. But who has seen the movie would agree that the screen time Arjun less than they had expected.

. "Arjun always known he knew from the beginning that the script was and how long to get it on the screen, it prepares really well and play Ra.One was the perfect choice for the role." Says Shah Rukh and added: "Arjun worked hard on his body and strengthen his character. It was phenomenal. we executed what we had expected."

When asked about the rumors that their friendship was angry because of the time, commenting less screen, says the actor and producer is too low for him to express himself. "Gossip frivolous and silly, it's always been. But 13 years usually fall for it. I am a little more. I have to remove anything," said Shah Rukh, on the 46 second November was the last week.

Shah Rukh and Arjun have been friends for a few years. Shah Rukh was invited to interview Lady Gaga recently, when the night lap Arjun Delhi, which hosted the recent F1 party occurs. Ra.One before the actor has worked in the domestic production of SRK, Om Shanti Om in 2007. "Sometimes when my kids (Aryan and Suhana) see, I have to find the chat session. I am of what they discuss amused. But they do not talk seriously. On the question, Arjun and I are friends and colleagues, and the equation beyond all this talk is to lose. "

John Abraham....Nailed

Mumbai, 15 October - after all, Sher lock Holmes here. He had for a little rip in South Africa with John Abraham was. Nothing serious, just a few sessions. But on the way back met John a couple of his Indo-Asian fans at the airport. It was a bunch of girls started screaming with excitement when she saw John. It was not all.

Desi poor boy was attacked by everyone together. She felt her up and down and finally pulled his shirt up and scratched his entire body. For a time, John had no word, but when his patience was at an end, he called for an official lady to help him because he did not want to be rude to them. Bechara, since he came back, there are nursing injuries and received injections against tetanus to ensure that it does not suffer from a hottie!

Ranbir Kpoor: Nargis doesn't like being linked to me'

Mumbai, 6 November - Ranbir Kapoor, Nargis Fakhri said enthusiastically, "talent", since the two started together on the rock star and looks forward to the amazing response he has made ​​the promos and the songs were released.

"Although the film follows 10-year-old Janardan Jakar to be musical journey on the way to the legendary rock star Jordan, the film is primarily a love story where the girl is important," he says.

And what is their true romance? "I take care of Nargis and I'm sure she does. We share a deep friendship, but we are not in a relationship," Ranbir answers and notes that it has always been open about his relationships.

"Why should I hide now? But the fact is that I was alone for a while. Nargis bound to not like me ... you are embarrassed by him. It is not our country and worked really hard to make his mark on our to make film industry. I hope the media will be nice to her. "

The actor admits he is now, is paired with a romantic co-star used, even if he is not out of it. "The next newcomer I start a movie with my girlfriend is new," he sighs, but says that what people say and think, makes him change his ways is not easy. "I'm 29, single, and pretty good success. I will not stop going out to a movie or dinner with a co-star after a busy day."

Ranbir agrees that grace to the right place at the right time, she has a lot of attention from the film industry, the public and the media. Playboy, "" Casanova "and" But all this attention has made ​​a number of labels such as "" The Next Big Thing. "When I took them seriously, it would derail or distracts me so instead I focus on my work," says the actor, whose film begins Friday.

Ranbir kapoor: I ain't no Cobain!

NEW DELHI, 5 November - The Character Actor Ranbir Kapoor Jordan upcoming movie, Rock Star, makes waves for its robust appearance and attitude, and the rumor mills are emotions, which has fallen by an Indian singer Kurt Cobain, Nirvana.

Ranbir however, denies the speculation. "There is no inspiration for Kurt Cobain. It is a completely new (director) Imtiaz Ali wrote," says 29-year-old added that "Jordan is not all influenced by the West. This is a Hindi-speaking boys desi jaat the bylanes of Delhi, just infatuated with the idea of ​​a rock star is. "

Method actor, an avowed Kapoor has learned guitar for the role. "When Imtiaz offered this role to me, I realized that this character to play with conviction, I have to learn the guitar and required to participate in the creation of musical film. So I learned the guitar for about two months before the movie began. I could not learn it from scratch and just focus on the songs, "he said.

One can not help noticing the actor has grown accustomed to the grip now, and it scratches very well. "Now I can but it's really unfortunate for me as an actor, I can not sing. But yes, I'm on. I have a guitar teacher who has been with me through this film and I continue to exercise with him. This, I hope, I can become a rock star at some point in time, but now I'm far away, "he said.

Ranbir calls Rockstar a film about "the pure love and spiritual." He said: ".. It is always possible to destroy this person in our lives that we love deeply, and the person for us, but it also makes us who we are rock star is on the way this person."

Rockstar movie reviews and wallpapers

Rockstar is a upcoming Hindi movie starring Ranbir Kapoor, Diana Penty, Nargis Fakhri and is directed by Imtiaz Ali . The expected release date of Rockstar is Friday 11th of November 2011. 

Starring : Ranbir Kapoor, Diana Penty, Nargis Fakhri    more...
Director : Imtiaz Ali 
Language : Hindi 
Genre : Music / Cult 
Banner : UTV Motion Pictures, Eros Entertainment, Shree Ashtavinayak Cinevision Ltd 
Release Date : Friday 11th of November 2011 

Rockstar introduces Nargis Fakhri who is a half Czech half Pakistani model and hails from New York Another highlight of the movie would be the music by A R Rahman Veteran actor Shammi Kapoor is also in a cameo Ranbir character Jordan is said to inspired by a real life rockstar Jim Morrison Apparently the movie tells the rags to riches story of this small town boy Imtiaz Ali is known for the realism that he infuses in the normal storylines of his films Jab We Met a super hit film starring Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor made it big at the box office because of this


rock star movie wallpaper


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