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Mayank Shekhar's review:

Director: Anubhav Sinha
Cast: Shah Rukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor
Note: **

Prior to adequately warn children against all try waterfalls, while the outstanding hero and at right angles to a moving train.
Background score is 70 RD Burman imitation. Brown walls of the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus begin to majestic finally crack the statue of Queen Victoria falls together, while the train is running at full speed, not the brakes pushes the head CST line moves out of the station on the main roads.

Round your lips curl tongue whistle loudly. Finally, the heroine falls from the sky as the hero holds in her arms. This is the climax scene of the movie. It is new because of the important local Mumbai. Hollywood disaster movies are generally, as well as overseas. You have to applaud. Unless you are not sure what the point if you know their destination. You know not only interested in weaving this amazing sequence into a coherent story really for you.

The G. A super hero, to date, or after, there was not enough to save the world. Neither was the villain, Ra.One, they are destroying. Two reasons are clearly blurred or too hot match, trivial to your level.

Oddly for a film that is entitled, after the villain, he has a special shape, but no particular face or body. More on the lines of Terminator 2, he takes the body of a man wandering. This weakens Ra.One completely. The guy was a Chinese, a little, even Kareena Kapoor, and some important parts of the climate, Arjun Rampal. G. One particularly Shah Rukh Khan. SRC. Make no mistake. The onions in the heart suggest that these armored suits, all descendants from Iron Man. But all that comes later, after perhaps half of the movie is completed.

For the most part, does not seem to be a superhero movie at all this. This is more of a slurry odd, please all Bollywood romance loosely cutesy kind of comedy Sasta Salman, SRK narcissistic pcs. Die-hard fans of all three species are likely to be disappointed.

Neither here nor there, everything seems so obvious and built in every way you can search through the Son, instead of melting into the experience. It may be necessary if you do not play the version of this film, 2 to Playstation Connect with video game characters are just now, is the illusion under your control. Requires more movies. You are the value of your penny, only if the penny drop.

Old-timer Rakesh Roshan has a gift for simplicity. With Krrish (2006), he had a sincere actor, and a plot line - "Ka Baap Badl" I think it is complicated by the attempt. He could see it through successfully. Robot Shankar played it straight - the sci-fi cloning machine the world of people take over - like Rajnikanth in the film of that name (oh, it was the opposite).

It is a film from the director of Dus, Tathastu, cash. Western traditions are unique. So the most important scene of the film: London, I suppose. It was converted to 3D as well. I saw him in his two-dimensional glory. Bad by Michael Jackson poster on the wall shows that we are in about 1985th Grain to confirm the path to the big screen to the suspicion. A game programmer laboriously developed southern India Shekhar Subramaniam (Shah Rukh, as expected, not convincing), a deadly game for his son, where the villain is stronger than the superheroes. The evil grows rather a life of its own, on the developer's son, who played against him last take.

Heroes who save the earth between the people. Nobody in the world is surprised, or even aware of. The boy's father died, his colleague, the car collided. Owners of the game is busy selling the same software, as nothing happened. The only thing the writers on the way are affected, in which the safety of G. We will move on to the flight of a Frikin. "

What you may think that really is a G.. This so-called apathetic, part-time game of superheroes in costume, casual clothes, the human skin is anything but the fact cry: smiles, hugs, quotes from the Bhagavad Gita, shakes his pelvis "You will be my Chamak Chalo be." His hostess nonchalantly (Kareena Kapoor), a grieving widow, she was quite good, it's like any other day for them.

It includes people flocked to the cinemas for this! You must, for two main reasons: SRK, and special effects. No surprises, they are both there for good measure. Full marks for effort. But you already knew. A year of relentless push, beat expectations and results inevitably in deaf whatever the evidence. You want to figure if it's worth the fuss was.

Watch the film. Agitation was necessary! The producers are planning a franchise obviously with the last scene. That, I fear that perhaps G. One with the wind. But then you never know, right? Seriously.


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